Been a while…

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Thought it might be time to chuck a few coals in the fire, get this train on track…

Missed it.


OMG. Look at these. Look at these – Where The Wild Things Are figures! Super detailed, super amazing!

The more of this film I see, the more I can’t wait for director Spike Jones to toy with my emotions for two hours through trickery. I’m missing the WB presentation today for FlashForward (fair trade) but someone else will be on the case there, I’m sure…

where the wild things are

Check yourself before you wreck yourself (by forgetting to carry the two):

I’m cruisin down Multiplication Boulevard
Where learning is fun, you know it isn’t hard!
With a jammin beat, it’s an easy road
So crank up the Rock N Learn and lighten your load!

Congratulations. You are the winner.

walk it out

O….. ok.

Don’t put it in your mouth, until you ask someone you love – that’s right sis!


What the hell, man?! What were adults in the 80s thinking?! I’m 25 now and this scares the hell out of me, why on earth would you give this information to a child?

In fact, we may have discovered a major cause for anorexia among Americans our age.

dont put it in your mouth

One of the best parts of hitting a zoo early is that you can sometimes find yourself alone with animals. Most people do that dumbshit kissing noise, trying to get attention. I prefer to just tell the animal how it fucking is.

Giraffes need a good kick square in the teeth, and if I’d been able to jump the moat, I would’ve been the one to administer it.

Yelling curses at critters is insanely fun.

Below you see one of my fave internet pics, wonderously titled Giraffe Vs Plane


EPIC WIN: Lions have poor aim

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So, coming at you live and large from San Diego. I took some time to sleep (and get really, really drunk) last night so I was and good to go at 7am today. I then headed out to the San Diego Zoo to meet some awesome animals and film some gear.

There’s more to come, but this right here? This is the best thing you will see today, I swear on all that is holy. I’m so proud of this my balls are glowing with pride.



I thought I’d better bring you up to speed on something – each time I visit the US, I set myself the goal of trying to track down a super-obscure DVD. This time, I’m pretty sure I have a fair sized challenge laid out for me – I’m trying to find Corey Haim’s Rollerboys.

Fuck yeah.

corey haim